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The Yuki Rush - #occupy

Occupy - The Yuki Rush from The Yuki Rush on Vimeo.

You may download the track. It's FREE. To open the PDF-file with the texts we used in the track right-click HERE!

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We first played this track in early october 2011 at a basement-show hosted by friends here in Leipzig, Germany. The protests of the global Occupy-Movement echoed a lot of concerns, anger an frustration with the current cultural, economical and political situaition we have been feeling for quite a while. The beauty of all those people coming out in the streets and voicing their opinion about the injustice of what is happening to and around them really ignited us.

The reactions to that first performance were so positive that we felt encouraged to take the time to properly record the track. We hope that this track will foster the understanding of why these protests are so important and serve as motivation to either join the protests or just keep going!

Thank all of you for the inspiration!