The Yuki Rush is he latest incarnation of the three of us (Enrico, Ole, Norbert) creating music together. We've been friends for ages now and first started playing together in the postrock-band iona. After iona's early demise we still wanted to keep making music with each other and started to experiment with different musical approaches and put more emphasis on the electronic dimension in our sound.

In the early summer of 2011, we did two experimental-eclectronic performances under the moniker Isle of Sound (which is the sound-design project of Ole) for the Rustin Ruins exhibition in the Essential Existence Gallery here in Leipzig. This experience opened up a wider understanding of how we can create music together and fueled our determination to form a new band that includes this more experimental approach. (more on iona and isle of sound on the "we're related" page)

Another important aspect for us was to be more outspoken about how the catastrophic effects of the economical and political development affect us on our every day lives. Like a lot of people, we too feel fucked by our so-called economical and political leaders and are angry!

The emergence of the Occupy-Movement in September last year and our own plan to start a new band came almost at the same time, so it felt only natural to start The Yuki Rush by supporting the Occupy protests.

This is a beginning!